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WoW: Alterac Valley

Last night, I went into Alterac Valley for the first time.  I know it’s been around for a while, but I really haven’t done much PvP at all in the last couple of years.  The last time I did, Kynsera wasn’t high enough to enter AV yet.

I’m still feeling semi-clueless about my own class in PvP, which was never a problem before.  I’m still not remembering to use my Dismantle, Shadowstep, and Cloak of Shadows abilities, but it didn’t seem to matter last night.

AV is very different from the other battlegrounds I’ve played in.  Alterac Valley is huge!  Expansive!  It makes Warsong Gulch feel claustrophobic.  At the same time, it plays totally different.  Instead of a lot of little skirmishes, it seemed as if there was a huge wave of players rushing along toward the goal (the enemy general).  It felt more like being on a raid with a few PvP skirmishes thrown in than like a battleground.  Most of our opponents were NPCs!



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