Gearing Up

On Sunday, I tried to do a random heroic with some friends, only to find that I was inadequately equipped.  This made me sad, of course, and though I had offers of assistance, I stubbornly decided to get adequately geared myself.  I used the LFD tool for the first time ever to PUG.  That instance was the Culling of Strat run I mentioned on Monday.  That didn’t help with gear via drops, though I did get my EoTs.

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Achievement Spam

Despite having company this weekend, I managed to earn a number of achievements.  I didn’t do much, or it doesn’t feel as if I did.  I did my usual Argent Crusade and Frenzyheart dailies.  I did a little PvP.  I ran through a few instances.  I saw a fair number of achievements explode onto my screen.

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Eighty Times Two

As implied by, but not stated explicitly in yesterday’s post, Sera has reached level 80.  The last time I had two characters at cap was right before BC came out, and one of them was shelved so it barely counts.  These last levels flew by.  Again, I managed at least two levels over the course of a week, most of it on the weekend.  Daily quests made up a good chunk of the experience, I think, and the push to finish the Valiant stage of the Argent Tournament (the first one, at least) as well as get to the point where I can do the Frenzyheart dailies seemed to be much if not all of the last level.

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I’m in love and I feel guilty about it.

I’ll explain, but we’ll have to step back in history a bit.  When I started Sera, it was largely out of frustration.  I’d been playing on an RP-PvP server and my solo character (not a good idea on a PvP server) was a mage.  Mages are very squishy.  Extremely squishy.  Maximally squishy.  I was tired of getting ganked.  I needed revenge.  Who is best at ganking the gankers?  A rogue!  And so, Sera was born.

That PvP beginning has flavored everything about her.  Her spec, the one I used for leveling, has always been focused on disabling the opponent and surviving the fight.  Maximum DPS suffered so that maximum survivability could benefit.

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Trial By (Healing) Fire

I’ve been wanting to see some more of the Northrend instances.  Last night, someone in TBC asked (as is often asked) if anyone was interested in a random.  After a few more folks piped up, we managed to get a guild(ish) group going.  We were still discussing who would heal (Ceire is resto specced and bear feral specced, though I’ve never actually tanked anything) when we were ported into the dungeon – (Heroic) Ahn’kahet: The Old Kingdom.

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Sera’s Progress

It seems like money comes much more quickly, lately.  It’s not just that Ceire is at the level cap, because it’s happening for Sera more than it is for Ceire.  It’s been fortunate.  I’m not flush with pretend cash or anything, but I was able to buy Sera’s epic flight skill on Friday (and then save another thousand for a second druid spec, and am halfway to the money for Sera’s second spec).

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Ceire now has a tanking spec.  After managing to save up and purchase Sera’s epic flight skill last week, the money seemed to keep rolling in (relatively) and I was able to easily make another 1000 for my second druid spec.  (Hint: flasks sell fairly well.)

I admit, I cheated when it came to choosing her talents.  I found a tanking build link on Wowwiki, reviewed it briefly to make sure there was nothing too strange in it, and then set it up exactly the same.  I still need to go back and review the choices with a more critical eye, but at the time, I just wanted to get into it.

I don’t know that I said it out loud before, but I’d always felt that being in bear form was a little boring, and cat not much better.  There just wasn’t much to do.  The rotation involved two, perhaps three, skills for most fights.  Now I am overwhelmed by the number of options.  Where I had plenty of empty spots on my bear and cat bars before, they are now both full.  I had to move my herbalism heal to a side bar, and still have a couple of talent-based abilities on my upper bar.  Now, instead of being bored, I’m trying to remember all the tools I have at my disposal to make sure they get used.

And now I get to learn how to tank effectively, starting right at level 80.  This should be fun.